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The profession of mobile developer and its features

Engineers and programmers develop software for mobile devices. Developers of mobile applications have many responsibilities. Among them is the creation, testing and programming of platforms for smartphones and tablets. Typically, these professionals work in teams with designers, data-processing experts, and outreach professionals. They design ideas and concepts for the general public or for specific needs of customers. They also test and correct any bugs detected before the product is launched.

Specialisation of developers of applications for mobile devices

Programmers who develop platforms and online games for mobile devices are subdivided into specializations such as iOS- and Android-developers. Knowledge of different programming languages is required to create each type of program. Napier, Swift is linked to iOS, and Java or Kotlin is linked to Android.

Android is an operating system that is installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets by many manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola. This is the reason why specialists are in demand in this segment of the market. Among them are developers of interactive games, media players, web programs for reading e-books and global navigation software. Among their competencies, there are computer languages and control tools such as Git, GitHub, and tools to eliminate bugs in Chrome Dev Tools and Firebug. Also, they can competently publish finished programs in Google Play.

The iOS operating system is optimal for Apple products. There is such a web designer that creates programs for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. Among the competencies of such a specialist, there are:

  • work with interface, databases;
  • integration with API REST and JSON analysis;
  • product testing and downloading to the Apple Store.

In general, such activities are similar to the creation of utilities for Android, but there are other languages and tools, too.

Mobile developer

Typically, developers of web platforms for mobile programs should know the entire development cycle and its stages, such as buttons on display and work with databases. On the basis of one program, the specialist forms several versions for different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and mini-computers. Also, such a developer has such competencies as creating an update of the finished product and regular posting of it. However, in large corporations, there are many such employees who are classified on frontend and backend specialists who are responsible for the appearance of the site and its internal structure.

Professional features of mobile app developer

The main tasks of mobile development are very complex, and give specialists high salaries and little competition. However, not every programmer can work in this direction. Mobile app developer is a profession that assumes the following skills, such as:

  1. Analytical, which help to recognize the needs of customers.
  2. Communicative, which help to clearly convey ideas to code specialists, teammates and leadership.
  3. Creative, which help to find new ways to solve problems and innovative directions.
  4. Technical, which helps to quickly develop programs with minimal errors.

Also, a web developer needs to be careful about details to be able to synchronise the work of all parts of his program. Among his duties, there is a knowledge of computer languages. So, if the specialist works directly with the customer, he needs the skills of the manager, such as the ability to answer questions and negotiate with customers.

In higher education, developing platforms for mobile devices is a rare specialty. The beginner user will have to learn by himself. For example, with the help of books, videos and online courses. Also, you can hire a professional as a tutor. If you get tired of developing a web platform, you can quickly upgrade to full stack developer or even enterprise programmer.

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