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How to earn money on advertising in web applications

Digital advertising through mobile applications has greatly improved communication between advertisers and consumers. This is largely due to the incredible amount of time that people spend on their smartphones, that is, at least an hour and a half a day. When you use web platforms, you may not want to pay for them because you know that there are a lot of free analogs. That is why the use of advertising tools is becoming the main way to monetize smartphone platforms.

The most current advertising strategies in mobile apps

There are some types of advertising for mobile devices, such as:

  • full screen ads;
  • native blocks that disguise themselves as context and look like regular posts;
  • advertising banners at the top or bottom of the screen;
  • multimedia inserts with elements of interactivity;
  • notifications in the status bar of the device.

However, standard methods lose their effectiveness every day more and more. Users learn to recognize these types of advertising and get angry. The fact is that they are annoyed by pop-up ads that slow down the device. In order not to lose customers and not to lose revenue, developers are looking for new ways to advertise products and services.


For example, a rewarded video, for which you get a certain bonus, is a very effective factor. In online gaming, coins, extra levels, and other rewards are a factor. According to Unity Ads, this is the most popular revenue generator of local advertising in games. However, there are a small number of fields that use this advertising strategy. According to the OpenX study, 77% of users do not object to the announcement of a 30-second duration, and as a result they get a discount from the retailer.

Advertisers who need to build a customer database use the Capture form tool. Here, you should enter an email address to receive points or tokens. In online games, this is a free demo version, allowing you to test the gameplay. The principles of this type of advertising are becoming increasingly popular. Thus, a new model called Playable ads was created in the format of a short game. The prospective buyer plays this and then takes the intended action.

Correct placement of advertising in mobile application

Professionals do not recommend users to make long videos. Even a 30 seconds long clip is very much. The best option is 10 seconds for one advertisement. So, you can upload a few short blocks and provide the so-called sales curve.

In the process of developing and posting advertising in the software for mobile devices, you should remember such factors as:

  • interests of the target audience;
  • thrust of the platform itself;
  • development of competitors.

To choose the right strategy, you need to test different models. Perhaps your target audience will like traditional banners or native posts. But most importantly it is not necessary to abuse commercials, even if it is the most exciting videos or games. You should not play them one by one or close the declaration of the interface elements. Advertising should attract and like the user, not upset him.

Depending on the popularity of a mobile program, advertisers pay a significant fee for placing their ads. You can find them through advertising exchanges, optimization services or networks such as MyTarget, AdMob and Unity Ads. According to Gartner Research, investment in mobile advertising reaches $18 billion annually. With the right approach to target processes, such a web application will bring the specialist a stable income.

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