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How to monetize a platform for smartphones

Every owner of a web application has the need to create a mobile program that will please users and also help developers make money with this. This type of activity will help the specialist to provide a stable income by attracting new customers.

Pay-Per-Download, Freemium, Subscriptions and Purchases

Pay-Per-Download is one of the oldest and easiest strategies to monetize mobile apps. Each user pays a single amount and has access to a full set of features. Although this principle links income to the number of downloads directly, it is not profitable today. There are a lot of programs for mobile devices, and today, you are unlikely to find users who would risk paying for a product they have not tried yet. Today, charging up-front prices can be an obstacle to increasing the popularity of a programme.

Freemium is a model that offers free download and contains additional premium features that you must pay before you can access them. The advantage of this monetization method is the pre-testing of the service and subsequent payment. This method helps you eliminate risks. At the same time, the amount of profit depends on your interest in the developers’ proposals.

Freemium is a model of how subscriptions focus on accessing content rather than functions. Users download the program free of charge and immediately receive a limited amount of content. After that, they will receive an offer to pay for a subscription that provides developers with a steady income. Usually, this method works well for news and entertainment versions.

The mobile application’s monetization model, such as purchases in its catalogue, helps to purchase items through this program. These can be both real and virtual products. Virtual acquisitions are particularly effective for online games, such as additional levels and in-game currency. Statistics show that users are at least 10% willing to spend.

Mobile apps in earnings for advertising

This method is the most effective for those users who plan to monetize the platform. Advertising should be relevant, unobtrusive and focused on the right target audience. Usually developers use six types of advertising promotion:

  • interstitial or full-screen ads;
  • notifications in the device status bar;
  • banners at the top or bottom of the screen;
  • interactive extended overlay;
  • video advertising in online games with bonuses;
  • native advertising, masked under the design and content of the program.

Capture form is another variant of this type of earning. It helps customers with additional incentives such as points or tokens. You can enter your email address to get them. The most popular use of this method is the game versions.


The amount of income generated by mobile applications

One program can give a user between $5 and $10,000 per month. If you want to earn the most, you should choose the monetization method with care. Here are some tips:

  1. Focus on the direction of work of utilities. So, subscription is more suitable for content-oriented services such as streaming music or video, news and entertainment. Such purchases are advantageous for free games and online trading.
  2. Evaluate Competitors. In the search for a relevant strategy, you can analyze how services with similar services are monetized – how well they work and what can be done differently to accelerate the receipt of money.
  3. Perform an analysis of the target audience. It is necessary to show the justification of spending is your customers.

You should understand that the earnings strategy of a particular program is prepared in advance. That is why you should not expect a short-term profit, but a long-term stable income with the possibility of growth.

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