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List of films about IT in Klede and Zoshy Movie apps

If a person interested in IT technology starts looking for a movie about them, he or she will probably find a popular movie called Angelina Jolie Hackers, or Matrix, which does not tell about IT anything useful. That is why it would be fair if we create an up-to-date set of quality feature films that can give you a couple of hours of pleasant pastime and delight you with useful information about the world of IT-technologies.

Movies about IT for the evening

The movies that we’re going to list for you are quality IT movies. We will try to make a short summary at the end of the description without spoilers so that you can understand which viewer will be suitable for a particular film.


This picture is about a world of the future in which a camera is built into the eyes of every citizen. That’s why state law enforcement knows every little thing about every person. And solving crimes usually consists only of a careful review of a large number of records, followed by the search for the perpetrator.

But suddenly, one of the detectives is faced with an impossible situation. He learns about the girl for which information is not in the archive. Interested in this phenomenon, a law enforcement official begins his investigation, in which he will have to act in the old way. This movie will definitely appeal to all fans of Utopias. However, those people who should not watch this, who are already tired of theories about global conspiracy and universal control.

Eagle Eye

The actor Shia LaBeouf, who starred in the Transformers, managed to demonstrate to the world how well he can run from various dangers with wild screams. Moreover, the director of the Eagle Eye movie asked him to demonstrate this skill again. In the story, the central character arrives at his home, where he is surrounded by boxes of guns and a lot of money. He is at a loss, but receives a call, and an unidentified man advises him to run away immediately.

Zoshy Movie app
Eagle Eye

The main character will be involved in the chases throughout the film. The fact is that the supercomputer has decided to restore order in the state through the liquidation of the government. So this is a very radical but effective approach. This film is sure to appeal to all those who like stories with the rise of the machines and dynamic action. However, people who are waiting for the supercomputer to win should ignore this film.

Ghost in the Shell

The description of this film should start not with a description, but with someone who likes it. Viewing the Ghost in the Shell movie will appeal to men who watched «Avengers» because of the bright image of the Black Widow. And the film should appeal to all fans of cyberpunk and stories about how the protagonist passes the way of becoming, discovering in itself new faces and opportunities. Do not waste time watching «Ghost» all those people who do not understand what is the reason for the popularity of Scarlett Johansson.

As for the description of the plot, it is difficult for us not to give you some spoilers. That is why we will limit ourselves to talking about how in the world of the future people have become active and ubiquitous in cybernetics. The character of actress Scarlett is a girl named Mira who suddenly regains consciousness and finds her on a desk in a laboratory. The doctor who recovered it reports that Mira was near death and her body was badly damaged by a terrorist attack. That’s why the good doctor gave the girl the body of a battle cyborg, and Mira herself became a participant in the fight against terrorists. The main task of this character is to find and kill the main villains.

So, you can make Klede download and use its filters to find interesting movies about IT. This program will offer you five best examples such as The Fifth Estate, Cyber, Die Hard 4, Snowden, Transcendence, Who am I, Upgrade. You can find them and a description of those actors who played there, and for that, the Zoshy Movie app will surely be suitable for you.

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