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Games for smartphones with exciting graphics

There are a huge number of games for smartphones. Modern users know that some of them have become part of PC projects, but some have been created specifically for mobile devices. However, there is one distinctive feature that is inherent to each of them. This low level of graphics is not surprising since the technical capabilities of most modern smartphones are very small. As a result, owners of powerful gaming Android smartphones are forced to search for beautiful game projects for a long time.

The best beautiful mobile games

Grand Mountain Adventure. This is a game with very meditative gameplay. Users are simply required to descend from the mountain slopes by snowboarding or skiing. The gameplay offers you not only to make turns, but also to perform a variety of stunts and jumps. This project is implemented free of charge and pleases users with the presence of Russian language, and the quality of the picture is so high that many gamers put it on a large display.

MARVEL Future Revolution. This game may claim to be the most beautiful smartphone game. In addition to graphics, this game will surely delight you with a detailed plot that will tell you about the connection of two worlds. As the gameplay progresses, you will be interested to learn about how different characters from the MARVEL universe come to a particular situation. When gamers complete these quests, they find references to characters, events, and places. Future Revolution will offer you support of the Russian language and free distribution, but it is very frustrating to control too.

Unruly Heroes. This is the adventure line of Sun Wukong from the Chinese folk epic called «Journey to the West». This character will fight opponents and solve puzzles as side quests, as well as missing scrolls. You can enable the Russian language is present, but for the use of Unruly Heroes you will need to pay.

Unruly Heroes

PUBG: NEW STATE. This is another modified version of the famous shooter, which is the first example of such a genre as the Royal Battle. In this part, the level of detail has become high, and users can transfer equipment from a backpack to a trunk, as well as use modern models of cars. This is a free project that has a fully Russian-language interface, and it has become better suited to smartphone screens.

Evoland. This is an exciting and short game. You will hardly spend more than three hours on it. In the process, true gamers will see many references and learn about the plot by which traditionally light forces must defeat the dark ones.

Sky: Children of the Light. Another extremely meditative toy where the protagonist is required to bring back the missing stars. The mechanics are quite simple, but the atmosphere is simply fascinating. In addition, you will be pleased to learn that Sky: Children of the Light is a free project that has a Russian localization.

Bright Memory Mobile is a game that will sail you by its gorgeous landscapes that you can simply admire. However, you will not find time for this activity because you will have to adjust to the rich dynamics of gameplay. Your character will overcome many obstacles and solve many puzzles to get to his main goal. However, this amazing project also has minor weaknesses, such as the need to subscribe and listen to English voices.

Download platforms for games and apps

If you plan to evaluate the beautiful graphics of the projects we described in this article, we advise you to find and install them on PlayMarket or from special sites. The second option has more advantages, because such file directories in apk format will please you with a large range of different programs. The biggest strength of these websites is that they have unique non-profit programs. In addition, you will understand that free apps download is an easy process on such platforms.

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