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Summoners War Game Review for Mobile and Tablets

Summoners War is a popular mobile game developed by Com2Us and released in 2014. This blog post will take a closer look at its key aspects. This game combines elements of collecting, strategy, and classic offline role playing games, making it unique and exciting and attracting the attention of millions of gamers worldwide.


Gamers take on the role of monster summoners and battle against other similar characters. The goal is to assemble a collection of effective monsters for your battle strategy. There are over 1000 unique monsters, each with their parameters, abilities, and skills, providing players with ample room for imagination.

Battles are staggered, and participants take turns using their monsters’ skills to attack enemies and defend against their attacks. After each battle, gamers gain experience and resources to develop their collection and improve their monsters.

Multiplayer Mode

One of the key features of Summoners War is multiplayer battles. Gamers can join guilds to fight in PvP or PvE mode, allowing them to join forces and create a stronger team for battle. The game also features a real-time arena where gamers compete against each other, requiring them to make quick decisions and use their monsters effectively to defeat enemies.

Summoners War

Monetization and Social Elements

Summoners War is distributed on a free-to-play model, which generates revenue through microtransactions. Gamers can buy crystals to acquire new monsters and improve existing ones. Additionally, the game has many social features allowing you to communicate and interact.

Gamers can join guilds, chat, give gifts, and fight together in co-op mode. The game also has a system of missions and achievements, giving participants additional rewards and stimulating their development.

Strategy and Collection Building

One of the main features of Summoners War is tactics and building your collection of monsters. Gamers must think out a strategy and choose the best monsters for their team, considering their characteristics and abilities.

The game has a system of evolution and improvement of fighters, allowing gamers to pump their monsters and strengthen them. They can also improve runes, which significantly bonuses the fighting monsters.


In conclusion, Summoners War is a unique game that combines the components of a collectible project, strategy, and role-playing game. Gamers can enjoy exciting gameplay, fight other people, and develop their teams of monsters.

The monetization system provides additional perspectives for collection development, and social features allow them to interact and communicate with others. Summoners War is a game that can capture you for many hours and become one of your favorite entertainment on your mobile device.

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