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Features of Cellular Communication Development in 2022

Cellular communication is actively developing.Developers are constantly introducing new innovations so that users can have access to high-quality communications at any time, regardless of where they are.Active introduction of innovations requires special research. Research is needed to help developers understand what details they need to pay special attention to in order to achieve the result they want. The prospects for the development of cellular communications in 2022 are truly impressive.


Mobile broadband will be actively developed in 2022.The advanced technology of this year will be 5G which will gradually replace 2G and 3G.Such conclusions were made after analyzing 100 networks in different parts of the world.

550 million connections to such networks are expected in 2022. You got to admit that the figure is really impressive.North America will become the leading region contributing to the most active development of the fifth-generation network. It will provide a quarter of all connections. The Asia-Pacific region will be next. It will own a tenth of all connections worldwide in 2022.The level of high-speed connection in Europe is 5%.

Operators Who will be the First to Test High-Speed Networks

There are many operators who are showing great interest in such networks these days. For example, Japanese operators are already planning to launch a test version of such a network in May 2022. Moreover, it is supposed to be located in two zones of Tokyo. One of the telecom operators in the United States was able to get permission to launch the fifth generation standard. In addition, Korean operators also plan to support these initiatives.


Development of LTE Technology

Experts do not neglect this technology either. Its popularity is growing rapidly these days.It records a huge number of connections every year. The networks are growing especially fast in Eastern and Central Europe. About 70% of connections are expected this year. In the next 5 years, the technology is planned to reach the Middle East and African countries.

Mobile Devices

Most users connect to broadband using their smartphones.Sales volumes reach 80%.Various researches have shown that the number of connected smartphones will soon be around 7 billion. At the same time, the number of gadgets that support the GSM (Global System for Mobiles) standard has decreased by 100 million.It is expected that 90% of all network connections will be recorded in 2022.

New technologies continue to develop actively. Nowadays, 80 new networks have already been launched in different countries of the world. Mobile device developers are constantly increasing the number of gadgets that support modern technologies.

Many consumers give their preference to mobile broadband connections these days.In 5 years, the majority of all connections will fall on such networks.By that time, the number of unique subscribers will grow by a billion. In 2022, the number of connections will exceed the number of subscribers, as some of them are inactive.

The number of mobile devices per user is increasing, thereby causing an increase in the number of mobile connections. Another reason lies in the limited possibilities of fixed-line communications in terms of their availability. The number of mobile devices is increasing. The amount of traffic is increasing as well.According to analysts, 75% of all traffic this year will come from video content.

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