Equipment Rental


Rental Pricing
Paddle Boat – $25/1 Hr, $40/2 Hrs, $80/12pm-6pm
Paddle Board – $20/1 Hr, $30/2 Hrs, $60/12pm-6pm
Kayak – $20/1 Hr, $30/2 Hrs, $60/12pm-6pm
Beach Umbrella – $10/1 Hr, $15/12pm-6pm

Please check our website often, as we will post news on rental equipment as it becomes available.

**Wisconsin Statutes 895.525 (3) & (4) States: … A participant in a recreational activity … accepts the risk inherent in the recreational activity of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware. A participant in recreational activity … is responsible to do all the following:

  • Act within the limits of his or her ability
  • Heed all warnings regarding participation in the recreational activity
  • Maintain control of his or her person and equipment devices or animals the person is using while participating in the recreational activity
  • Refrain from acting in any manner that cause or contribute to injury to himself or herself or to other persons while participating in the recreational activity
  • A violation of this law constitutes negligence. Wisconsin State Statutes 895.525